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U Learn Driving School can come to you at your home, school or work if it's within our service area. We have an Accredited Examiner who can take you right through the CBT&A (Competency Based Training and Assessment) method and sign you off on each of the 30 tasks in your log book. The speed at which this can happen depends on your ability to learn and perform the tasks, but you can have your lessons as close together as you like- daily, weekly, fortnightly etc. The CBT&A process is an excellent system that trains you to a high standard and so you should expect that you can't simply complete it in a handful of lessons. It does produce the best results though.

If you believe that you have already learnt most of what you need to get your license and you would like to go for the Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) then we can also provide lessons to help you pass the test. If you are not sure what method is best for you, we can give you advice on this - and you can always change your mind and switch between methods, but it is better to get the right advice and make the right decision the first time. We have facilities to accept payments for lessons in car by either cash or card and receipts can be provided for all lessons.

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In South Australia there are two methods to choose from to get your license. They will both get you exactly the same result, but follow quite different paths along the way - VORT stands for Vehicle On Road Test, and CBT&A stands for Competency Based Training and Assessment. CBT&A commonly called the log book method: The preferred method for most students is the Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) method


In South Australia this is one of the methods to choose from to get your license.


In South Australia this is one of the methods to choose from to get your license.

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The owner of U Learn Driving School is on the board of directors for the Professional Driver Trainers Association of South Australia (PDTA).

U Learn Driving School, or more specifically Matthew Woodman has a reputation for being particularly patient with students, especially those who have anxiety or or are easily overwhelmed. We can gradually work on your ability which will usually help develop your confidence. Everything is explained in plain English, and you will be given every opportunity to succeed at your own pace.

We specialise in driving lessons in all these suburbs are working almost every day of the year, so call now and get started on your journey.

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The best way to book a driving lesson is to call or text Matthew Woodman directly on 0402159553.

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