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Quality driving lessons
through one-on-one practical teaching


U Learn Driving School has very experienced, qualified and accredited driving instructors ready to teach you to drive properly and safely.

Flexible Timings

We operate 7 days a week, between 7am to 7pm.

Experienced Trainers

U Learn has very experienced, qualified and accredited trainers.

Dual Control Vehicles

Our vehicles are dual control, for an improved learner experience.

Vehicle On Road Test (VORT)

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Vehicle On Road Test. This is like the old fashioned method where you go for a driving test and you either pass or you fail. You will feel like you are under a lot of pressure during the test, so you need to be prepared for this. The best way to get a good result here is to have plenty of professional lessons and get good quality practice in between lessons. Our professional instructors can give you the best advice and show you exactly what the required standard looks like. The best way to book a driving lesson is to call or text Matthew Woodman directly on 0402159553. The majority of our lessons last for 90 minutes, but you can also do one hour or two hour lessons. Please call or text for further information. There is no need to pay in advance, as we have facilities in-car to accept payment by card or cash at the conclusion of each lesson. Receipts can be provided for all lessons.
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Driving Lessons

  • How to get the most out of your professional driving lessons

    Practice. Most people have heard of the saying ‘practice makes perfect’, but the reality is that only PERFECT practice makes perfect. So if you have a professional driving lesson, but then your practice doesn’t reflect what you learnt in the lesson you can unwittingly undermine your professional lessons. For example: if during a driving lesson, your instructor explains that your left turns at T junctions need to be done in a specific way with the car in a specific position on the road, then you should practice implementing that technique on as many different left turns as possible.

    Example 2: if your driving instructor explains that you need to check your centre mirror when approaching traffic lights and then check left and right just before driving through each and every traffic light then you should practice doing that on every traffic light. These seemingly minor details that are explained in your lessons are absolutely crucial, and they are sometimes the things that hold a student back from progressing faster.

    Practice the difficult things. Professional driving instructors obviously know what they are doing, and can show you how to do all of the most difficult tasks like turning on to busy roads in heavy traffic and how to do reverse parallel parking and 90° angle parking etc. If you can spend the time practising this with your qualified supervising driver (parent, friend, relative, partner etc) in your own time, you will progress faster in your lessons.

  • What to expect

    Expect that when you book a lesson with U Learn Driving School we will show up and you will get the time that you have paid for. Occasionally your instructor may be running a few minutes late but will usually let you know if it’s going to be more than five minutes late. We always teach in our car which will be an automatic with dual controls. Normally your lesson will start and finish at your home, but if you need to start and/or finish at a different location, this can be done but only if it has been pre-arranged. Your instructor will be an accredited examiner, and so will be able to sign off tasks in the CBT&A section of your logbook if and when you demonstrate competence in them.

    Your first few lessons will begin with the basics of how to check your mirror, and when to signal, and where to position the car on the road. While all this is going on, we are also helping you to use all of the vehicle controls, steer correctly and maintain situational awareness. Even if you have already done many hours of practice before your first professional lesson, we will still insure that you are doing the basics correctly. As you demonstrate that you can do each task to the required standard, you will move on to the next task. In every case, your instructor will explain clearly what is required and will demonstrate it for you if necessary. If you have chosen to use the CBT&A method, these tasks will be signed in your logbook on the spot. There are 30 tasks to complete in the logbook, and you may be able to complete several tasks in a lesson, but only if you are complying with the requirements as they are written in the logbook. If you are having difficulty with particular tasks, this is completely normal. Your accredited instructor knows how to help you.

    If you have chosen to use the VORT (Vehicle On Road Test) method, then we will be training you to pass the test. If you don’t know which method is best, remember our instructions are very experienced and can advise you.

  • CBT&A

    CBT&A stands for Competency Based Training and Assessment and is commonly called the logbook method. This is where your instructor is also your examiner. It is considered to be a more thorough and in depth method, and generally produces better drivers. U Learn Driving School is a specialist in CBT&A. Basically you will be trained in every competency that is printed in your Driver’s Handbook (logbook), and it will be signed as you complete each competency. It is such a thorough method, and the tasks are so in-depth, covering everything related to driving that once all of the tasks have been signed by an Authorised Examiner, there is no need to do a test. On completion of your final lesson your instructor who is an Authorised Examiner will issue you with a certificate of competency which is what you need to get your license. Many driving instructors in South Australia are not qualified to sign the tasks in your logbook as they are not authorised examiners. One of the reasons to choose U Learn Driving School is because we have authorised examiners, making the entire process simple.

  • VORT

    VORT stands for Vehicle On Road Test. This is where you learn to drive and then you go for a practical driving test which you either pass or fail. Statistically, as much as 50% of tests conducted in South Australia each day end in a fail, which means that the applicant was either unaware of the standard required or was not at the required standard. Professional lessons can give you a huge advantage when you are preparing for the VORT.

  • Tips when practising with a friend or relative

    Learning to drive well and getting your license will take many hours of practice and a great deal of concentration. The more hours you spend with a professional driving instructor, the faster you will progress towards your goal, but we understand that most of your driving hours will probably be with somebody other than a driving instructor. Somebody who has had an unrestricted license for a minimum of two years can be your qualified supervising driver and sit next to you in the car while you are learning to drive. In many cases, this qualified supervising driver may have already been driving for 20 years or more, but they still may not know the most efficient way to train you. When you are driving, before changing your speed or direction always have a look in the mirror to see what the traffic around you is doing. You may need to modify your plan slightly because of traffic. We want you to learn a structured and systematic approach to driving and learn a simple system that you will automatically apply every time you drive. We call this the system of car control, and in its most basic form, it is as follows:

    1. Mirror

    2. Signal

    3. Brake/manoeuvre

    For example, if you are approaching a corner, you should check your mirror (usually centre mirror but sometimes a side mirror as well), then signal which direction you intend to turn, and then, if necessary, brake. You need to practice this system so many times that it becomes an automatic thing to do. Of course, this is just the very basics, but it is an important basic step to get right.

    If you are going for a practice drive with a friend parent or relative. You should practice turning onto and off busy roads as this will improve your judgement in traffic as well as the shape of your turns. There are many other things you can do to improve your skills and to make the most of your practice time, but of course a professional driving instructor can really help you. A driving instructor who is also an authorised examiner won’t just teach you, but they will also sign these tasks in your logbook which become stepping stones to getting your license.

  • International License Conversions

    If you currently have a valid drivers license from a another country and wish to convert it to a South Australian license, U Learn Driving School can help you. You have two options in which to obtain a South Australian license, and these are basically the same as the options for Learner drivers except that international license holders do not need to record 75 hours of driving. U Learn Driving School has taught many people with an overseas driver’s license and successfully converted them to South Australian licenses. Please contact us and we can give you further advice on this.

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Experienced, qualified and accredited driving instructors.

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Dual Control

Learn to Drive in an up-to-date automatic car with dual controls

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Safety Measures

Mathew Woodman is an authorised VORT, and CBT&A examiner.

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You can start your lessons and get picked up from home, school, or work.

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We operate 7 days a week between 7am and 7 pm.

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